Obituary on William Paul, 79

William (“Bill”) E. Paul, a true giant of modern immunology died on 15 September 2015. He was a leading force in immunology, pioneering the research of T cells and cytokines, serving as editor and president of the most eminent journals and organisations and writing the widely known textbook Fundamental Immunology. Among many other services to the community he also served as member of the Scientific Advisory Board of CeMM, lending us his razor-sharp intellect to drill down to the relevant scientific questions and to provide the best possible advice.

There is this phrase of ”Standing on the shoulders of the giants”, which most popularly is traced back to a letter by Isaac Newton from the year 1676. It refers to the incremental increase of knowledge in science. Unbeknownst to Newton, he must have thought of Bill.

  • Oral History project by the American Association of Immunologists, interviewing Bill Paul on his personal background, his career decisions, advice for trainees, etc. and even ending with an immunology joke! ;O) LINK
  • William E. Paul (1936-2015), Ronald N. Germain. Nature 526, 324 (15 October 2015) LINK
  • William E. Paul, M.D. (1936-2015), Ronald N. Germain, B.J. Fowls, Lawrence E. Samelson and Warren J. Leonard, Immunity 43, October 20, 2015 LINK
  • Picture below: Lab discussion with Bill Paul and Richard Flavell during the 2012 Scientific Advisory Board meeting at CeMM


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