About CeMM

CeMMlogoThe Research Center for Molecular Medicine (or “CeMM”) is a basic research institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna, Austria. CeMM`s mission is devoted to excellent research at the interface of biology and medicine with an emphasis on cancer, infection and inflammation. More than 10 research groups and several excellent core groups with a technology focus (e.g. mass-spectrometry, bioinformatics, robotic screening, next generation sequencing) provide a highly interactive and dynamic environment to push the boundaries of our current scientific knowledge.

In late 2010 CeMM moved into a new 8-story building right in the center of the huge medical campus of the General Hospital and the Medical University of Vienna. Led by director Prof. Giulio Superti-Furga CeMM currently hosts approximately 150 scientists from more than 30 nationalities. English is the official language. Weekly international guest seminars (“CeMMinar”) and impromptu speakers as well as several regular weekly and monthly meetings foster interactions between CeMM groups as well as with nearby research groups and clinicians of the Medical University of Vienna. Additional social events including yearly retreats and sports activities also contribute to a very interactive and collaborative atmosphere.CeMM runs a highly competitive international PhD program which offers a 3-years PhD program including lectures, lab rotations as well as a PhD comittee and mentorship.

Despite CeMM`s relative infancy stage several independent benchmarks provide evidence for its excellent development and future promises. A few examples dating from the previous three years are listed below:

  • CeMM groups were lead authors on publications in prestigious journals including Cell, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Nature, Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Immunology, Nature Methods, New England Journal of Medicine and Science .
  • The International CeMM PhD Program attracts 600-800 applications from all over the world per year.
  • CeMM was ranked as 3rd Best Work Place for Postdocs 2012 outside of the US by The Scientist (link), and 4th Best Place to Work in Academia 2012 worldwide (link)
  • Excellent evaluations by the scientific advisory board, which consists of top-notch scientists from Italia, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the US.

CeMM`s primary focus is research. Yet, the relevance of related topics including outreach to the public, science in society as well as the connection of arts and science are also appreciated and addressed in different ways.

Do you want to become part of this vibrant hub of basic science in the middle of Europe and contribute to an advanced understanding of the molecular mechanisms of diseases? -> Check out the CeMM website and/or contact us!