About MedUni and CeMM

The Medical University of Vienna is one of the world`s leading medical universities. With its long history and tradition, which covers more than 600 years, the university has developed into a highly modern research institution which employs a staff of approximately 5,000, of which 1,800 are researchers and 1,600 are medical doctors. Our research group is located at the Institute of Hygiene and Applied Immunology at the Center for Pathophysiology, Infectiology and Immunology.

The Research Center for Molecular Medicine (or “CeMM”) is a basic research institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna, Austria. CeMM`s mission is devoted to excellent research at the interface of biology and medicine with an emphasis on cancer, infection and inflammation. Research groups and several excellent core groups with a technology focus (e.g. mass-spectrometry, bioinformatics, robotic screening, next generation sequencing) provide a highly interactive and dynamic environment to push the boundaries of our current scientific knowledge. CeMM runs a competitive International PhD Program as well as a Pre-ERC Postdoc program and regularly publishes in the most prestigious international journals.